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Naidex 2018

So Wednesday and Thursday I was with I need a holiday too helping to man their stand at the Naidex Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham promoting their services of arranging completely accessible holidays but also the fantastic apartments in Brittany close to the Cote d’Amour in La Roche Derrien. Now I’ve been to stay there many times and it’s fantastic! In fact I want to live there😊 (they don’t seem keen!)😂 but it’s that fab! I did disabled paragliding last time I was there which is the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had but more about that at another time. manning the stand was great fun, I also did it last year, meeting people, chatting, laughing and I love that!

While I was there I met the lovely Steph Weller, blogger and influencer, we

talked and talked about our holiday nightmares but also a lot of other things too. Definitely going to get together for coffee sometime I hope!

There was, I found a reoccurring story that nearly everyone I spoke to had and it went something like this : ‘we went on holiday and they told us it was accessible/wheelchair accessible (delete as required) BUT! There was always a BUT! Always something that basically did not make it accessible or wheelchair accessible or something that is ESSENTIAL to an impaired person WHATEVER the impairment/disability was!

 We want All INCLUSION! We want to go on holiday! We want to be able to relax, enjoy ourselves! We don’t want to have to go home and spend a week recovering getting over our holiday cos it was hard work! Just cos we have a disability no matter what that disability is WE WANT FULL INCLUSION ! 

That is why I did Naidex last year and this year too and that’s because I believe I need a holiday too is EXACTLY what it says on the tin and no I’m not employed by them or get anything from them for this I just believe in the holidays!

So now excuse me while I sleep to recover from the experience. Will I do it again? Yes! 

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