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Settle? Never!

There has been quite a bit of talk on social media this week about settling or, to put it another way, putting up with. In life everybody settles for something in some way. It could be the larger house but with no drive or living an extra half hour from work as the village you live in is so pretty. Those in essence are life choices or compromises but, and this is the biggie, should this apply to disabled people Should disabled people settle for what little control they have in their lives and not complain or fight for change.

There are 13.9 million disabled people in the United Kingdom, an average of 19%, with disabled people experiencing much lower economic living standards than their peers and with less opportunities or life choices. Quite often it appears that its not the disability that is the problem but society! The 'social media model of disability' says that 'a disability is caused by the way society is organised rather then a person's impairment or difference'. I actually disagree with the way that statement is worded! I would say that 'a person's impairment or difference is significantly exacerbated by the way society is organised'! Big difference but small change of words.

My friend, lets call her 'my bestie' also has MS and uses a wheelchair if she will be walking a lot or is fatigued. We decided one day to go shopping to a local mall and we'd go by bus so we waited in line for it to arrive. On arriving I said 'two returns please' to this town. He looked at both of us, sat there in wheelchairs smiling at him and said 'sorry I can't do that!' Rather aghast at this comment we asked why It transpires that a bus, a PUBLIC form of transport cannot take two wheelchairs! WTF! Is that too much to ask for? Is that too unreasonable a request? I don't think so.

Things need to change not just for disabled people but for everybody. A level playing field for us ALL no matter what creed, colour, race, age, sex or disability there needs to be a change. It's the 21st century after all!

So that's my rant for today over. I hope you all have a great weekend xx


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