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Raining again and again and again! Is it ever going to stop? This type of weather, the wet kind, restricts us wheelers SO much. So what are the options open to us I hear you say, well below is a list I have come up with:

Wear practical clothing and invest in some rain covers (not that attractive). OR

Get wet. OR

Stay in and gaze out of the window wishing it wasn't raining (the option I tend to go with). OR

Move to a warmer country

Now I'd love to move to a warmer country but then I run into more problems. OMG I hear you cry! But its true. The heat can be just as debilitating for me. It has to be a nice warm 23 degrees. Nothing more or less. That would make me SO happy! No rain covers, jumpers, boots or umbrellas required. Just summer clothes! BLISS!

IIt does amaze me the impact the weather has on us MSer's and how, as with the illness, no two people are the same. We all seem to function better under our own perfect conditions! For me, I would have to win the Lottery to make this a reality so I'm not going to hold my breath. So on days like today you'll find me procrastinating and gazing out of the window wishing it wasn't raining!

I I hope you all have a lovely day

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